Hello, hello, testing 1, 2, 3, can you hear me?

This blog was an idea that was mulling in my mind for at least a year or so, and finally, the stars aligned so here I am world!  I will be sharing with you my love of cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, photography and basically all things creative.  I am considering this blog my creative showcase, if you will.  So let’s get started!

It’s Wednesday and I have the day planned out:  making a little pasta bake for lunch/dinner, will take my daily walk around the neighborhood (took a break yesterday following a hip injury on Monday), and will round out the day with Bikram Yoga followed by my weekly acupuncture appointment.  Sounds like a full day to me.

I’m making mental notes and physical preparations for a tea party we’re hosting on Saturday.  I’m making a selection of fresh pastries and snacks, accompanied by a wide selection of teas. On the menu thus far:  a lemon poppy-seed bundt cake with lemon curd on the side, a hearty bread pudding (a nod to the English – it’s a tea party after all), cucumber tea sandwiches, a flattened rice snack with peas (I needed to add a bit of salt and spice to the menu), and of course fresh cardamom chai.  I have about 50% of the ingredients and I’m going shopping for the rest tomorrow.  Friday is prep day and Saturday morning I’ll begin baking.  Stay tuned for the pictures.  I’ve really been getting into baking lately – a natural extension of cooking, I think.  But baking is definitely a more involved and precise art – too much baking soda in a cake and it rises like a hot air balloon whereas I can usually mask too much salt in a dish by cutting it with citrus or water.  I’m also excited about photographing the finished products.  Good photography makes food just jump out from the screen.  The smart phone photos of my cooking are just not cutting it – you really don’t get the full effect.

So without further ado, here we go!


2 thoughts on “Hello, hello, testing 1, 2, 3, can you hear me?

  1. Hello.
    Welcome to blogville. I’m very inspired, your writing is so honest. A cut above all the blogs I follow. I may just renew my old website!
    I’ve been at home too, doing the same exact things (minus the fab tea party with hubby bit). Baking being number one on my list. I’ve forgotten how to knit, gotta quickly re-learn that!!

    Much love, and admiration.

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