Bucket Lists

Since the movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson premiered some years ago, the term “bucket list” has found a place in contemporary colloquial conversation.  Bucket list is essentially an itemized list of “must-do/see/experience-in-my-life” before one, well, kicks the bucket.  I like the idea of centralizing a set of ideas and longings on a list (or maybe I’m just a list-y type of person) and crossing them off one by one over the years.  Maybe it’s something that should be apart of New Year’s resolutions – i.e. must cross off 3 things from my list by the end of this year.  Now I know what you’re thinking, do pleasurable activities really need to be reduced to merely a to-do list with a finite time frame to accomplish them?

Here’s the issue at hand:  we’re busy.  Yes, it’s stating the obvious, but even with a gazillion gadgets helping us sort and organize our day, we’re usually frantically rushing from one activity to another in an attempt to balance our lives (did you catch the irony?).  Having a bucket list grounds us with the fact that time is finite, we are finite, so get your a** moving.

The idea of blog post about bucket lists came to me because a milestone birthday is just around the corner (you would think that me talking about kicking the bucket and all, that I was turning 95 instead of 35).   As with every birthday/anniversary/holiday, I am amazed at how the quickly the previous year has gone by.  But now, with more time on my hands, I’m thinking – no time like the present to go out there and experience life.  My list does include grandoise plans of exotic holidays (Cinque Terre anyone?), but also includes attainable and simpler goals (meet new people).  Maybe I’ll create a bucket list for each year – that way I can revisit and revise as I evolve and circumstances change (having more Barbies for example, doesn’t seem so appropriate now as it did when I was say, 10).

What’s on your Bucket List for 2011?

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