Great Side Dish: Spicy Potato Salad


Recently, we had a simply delicious German potato salad at a friend’s, and I knew right then that this was something I wanted to replicate at home.  I found the following recipe on Pinterest, and adapted it slightly, to our taste.  I never realized that potato salad was so easy to make and homemade potato salad, hands down, tastes far superior to the store-bought variety.

To speed up the cooking of the potatoes, I cooked them in a pressure cooker for 5 minutes and then let the pressure cooker cool down (and subsequently let the potatoes cool as well, before incorporating them into the salad).  The ingredients are all to taste, so feel free to mix it up and taste and adjust as you go along.

German Potato Salad

*I omitted the bacon, apple cider vinegar, and sugar.  Instead, I added diced red onions (1/4 onion), diced celery (2 stalks), diced carrot (1), chopped black olives (7-8 black olives, pitted), and capers (handful), and one small habanero pepper.  I also added 3 teaspoons of organic mayo.  If you would like to replicate my version, I would recommend adding salt after the olives and capers, as these are salty.  Finally, add a dash of fresh black pepper.

Ingredients for Potato Salad (all ingredients are really to taste, adjust as necessary):


Diced Onions, Celery, Carrots, and Olives.  Capers at 2 o’clock:



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