In Defense of Home Cooking

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Like most couples and families, we led busy lives and with demanding careers, it was difficult to put good, nutritious food on the table, night after night.  Unfortunately, both my husband and I had walked away from the type of  home cooking we had grown up with.  Too much eating out and general indulgence resulted in packing on the pounds and poor health.  I was always active as a child, but five years ago, I could not run a mile.  Clothes no longer fit.  Between work, the commute, and life’s demands, we put our health and well-being on the bottom of a never-ending list of to-do’s.  Something had to change.  Correction, a lot of things had to change.  We needed a lifestyle overhaul, which meant putting time and resources behind what we valued most:  our health.

After a much-needed career change, I started to research and read articles about farming practices, organic foods, and cooking.  My passion for food and cooking started at an early age, but my interest in organic, farm-to-table practices, and the art of home cooking took root during this time.  Two years ago, I gave up whatever little meat I did eat (I grew up eating chicken and fish primarily), and became mostly vegetarian (I rarely eat fish now and no meat).  I grow my own summer vegetables (a modest attempt, but so enjoyable!), and volunteer at a local community garden from time to time.  Five years later, I am very grateful for the life events that led us to today.  Hippocrates so wisely said (approximately 500 years BC):

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I believe eating the right foods and real foods are the foundation for everything.

I subscribe to a few food related pages on Facebook and Instagram.  Mostly related to organic farming and cooking.  I enjoy the photographs, recipes, and learn from the articles and lectures related to food industry practices, governance, and policies.  I recently came across this informative talk by Michael Pollan.  It is spot on, and I can wholeheartedly vouch for the lifestyle choice and change Mr. Pollan speaks about.

I encourage you to take some time, and watch this video:

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