Better than Starbucks Cranberry and Maple Scones


The first time I had fresh scones was when hubby dear and I stayed at a small bed and breakfast up in gold country.  Before breakfast, the innkeeper would leave a little basket of scones near our door each morning.  Imagine our surprise the first morning, when we opened our door and found a small basket of goodies with a handwritten note.  It was one of several small touches that made it a most memorable weekend.  Before and since, I have had store or bakery bought scones, but they always seemed to be a bit on the hard side and at times, too sweet and “bread-y.”  I tried my hand at making scones last winter (cranberry and orange) and they turned out okay (read: meh).  I was still in search of that fresh not-too-sweet tender scone recipe.  Last night I came upon the following recipe on Pinterest and what attracted me to it was the title of the blog:  I figured if they turned out “meh” again, I would not have spent a fortune on ingredients!

Let me tell you – the recipe did not disappoint!  Not only was the recipe straight forward and the scones easy to make (with most ingredients readily available in my pantry), but the scones were simply melt-in-your-mouth delicious (and far superior to the cold hard versions at Starbucks).  I made a variation on the recipe using cranberry and maple syrup, so I did not put sugar in the dough, but rather followed the variation where it recommends mixing maple syrup in the heavy cream.  The recipe is also 100% vegetarian, so no need for eggs.

These are easy to whip up and can be enjoyed during breakfast, brunch, or tea time.  I can’t wait to make more variations of this easy recipe!

Recipe:  Simple Scone Recipe

Scone wedges ready to be popped into the oven:


Baked scones cooling off before the drizzle of maple syrup glaze:


Cooled scones and the maple syrup glaze ready to go:




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