Hearty Vegetarian Breakfast for Cold Mornings



The mornings and evenings have started to get colder.  I even find myself turning on the heater and throwing on a sweater from time to time.  Normally, I don’t have tea or coffee in the morning, but when the weather is brisk, I do love a cup of hot and spicy chai and a hearty breakfast (particularly on Sundays).  I alternate between pancakes/waffles/french toast and an Indian breakfast.

This past Sunday, I made a very traditional Indian Maharashtrian dish called kanda poha or flattened rice with sautéed onions.  Hubby dear, being from Mumbai, grew up on this dish and relishes it!  This past weekend I made my version of the recipe below and served it with a side of ketchup, wedges of lime, and a cup of steaming hot ginger chai.  Warmed us right up from the inside out!

Kanda Pohe (or Poha) Recipe:  Potato Kanda Poha

*Feel free to mix up what you put in the poha mixture.  In this version, I included roasted peanuts, finely chopped sweet potato, curry leaves, and topped it off with fresh chopped cilantro.  The sweet potato adds a nicely mild sweetness to the dish.  You can also add shredded coconut as well.  

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