Indian Sweets: Rasmalai



The Hindu high holidays are just around the corner (Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, and of course, Diwali) which means celebrations galore and no celebration is complete without sweets.  For the last couple of years around this time, I try my hand at learning one or two Indian sweets.  Last year, I learned how to make “gajar ka halwa” (or sweet carrot pudding) and “besan ki ladoo” (sweet balls made from roasted chickpea flour).  This year, I wanted to add to my repertoire and step up my game by trying my hand at sweets made from milk.  I simply love “rasmalai” or cheese balls soaked in sweetened milk.  It also gave me an opportunity to use the wonderful saffron I picked up on a trip to Dubai last year.  (No need to fly all the way to Dubai for your saffron needs – you can certainly use any saffron available in your local ethnic grocery store as well!)

As usual, Show Me the Curry did not disappoint and provided the most detailed and straightforward recipe for this delicious delicacy (with a step-by-step video to boot!)


*I follow this recipe exactly.  For the milk, I use full-fat organic vitamin D milk.  Low-fat or nonfat milk does not have enough fat or milk solids to create the right consistency for the cheese balls.  I also recommend letting the rasmalai sit out at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before serving, to ensure that the balls are soft.