Chai Time!


Tea time is a sacred hour between 4 and 7 PM in Indian households.  It is an opportunity for families and their guests to unwind, chat, and relax in an informal setting.  Dinner is usually later (8 PM onwards), so tea and fixings are designed to curb the appetite before a meal. Biscuits and samosas with chutney, are ideal snacks served during tea hour.

I am a huge fan of little bites and small plates, so I savor tea time.  Below are some tried and true recipes for snacks served during Indian chai time.  I am also a fan of English High Tea!  Tea, scones, and tea sandwiches, oh my!  English tea snack recipes to follow soon!

Baked Samosa Recipe:

* Feel free to mix up the filling.  I use a standard potato/pea filling instead of the one listed in the recipe.  Show Me The Curry has a nice potato filling recipe:

Crust:  I recommend reducing the ajwain (bishop’s weed) to 1 tsp, instead of 2 tsp per the recipe (2 tsp makes the dough a little bitter).  I substituted 3 tbsp of melted butter for the oil for a flakier and tender crust (you can also use ghee for a similar texture and richer flavor).  I also baked the samosas at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for a good hour on the bottom shelf of my oven, frequently turning the samosas as they browned.  Lower temperatures do not provide enough heat to brown the samosas.


Nan Khatai recipe:

*Wonderful recipe!  I follow this recipe down to the last detail!  I have made these cookies numerous times,  for consumption and as gifts.  I always get compliments on these.  You can also mix up the topping with slivered almonds or a design.  A dozen of these make a wonderful Diwali gift for friends and family.