The Last Days of Summer


Labor Day weekend signals the unofficial last days of summer.  The days are warm but the nights get cooler, the leaves begin to change color to stunning shades of gold and auburn, and the sweet fruits of summer begin to fade to memory.

A fresh berry tart captures the essence of summer in a “pie shell” – a light, mildly sweet, and fresh dessert that complements any meal.  I made and served a strawberry and blueberry tart yesterday, to serve as dessert after a heavy meal and it proved to be a hit with the adults and kids!  The following recipes are wonderful sources to create a simple but impressive tart.  Mix up the toppings to your whims and likings!

I’ve included some pictures and helpful hints from each step, below.

Tart Recipe:

Glaze Recipe:

Helpful Hints:

Tart shell patted down on a tart pan, prior to baking.  Using your palm to flatten down the shell, helps to keep it uniform (whereas just using your fingers leaves large indents in the shell).  I also recommend lightly pricking the shell at the bottom to allow steam to escape when baking (doing this allows the crust to stay uniform after baking).


I forgot to prick the crust, so ended up with four large air pockets.  Not to fear, the air pockets did somewhat deflate after the crust cooled down.


The cooled cream mixture spread evenly over the crust.


The final product with fruits arranged to your liking.  I recommend glazing the cooled tart about an hour before serving.  Glazing the tart hours prior to serving, makes the crust somewhat soggy.


2 thoughts on “The Last Days of Summer

  1. Pamela, I’m very impressed with all the recipes, pictures and work that you put in this blog. I’ll try making some of the dishes, I hope it looks as beautiful as it looks for you. Keep up the good work, it may turn into your first book.

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